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The Sindon

A kabbalist is entrusted with hiding the burial linen of Christ. Rather than reveal the location, he is killed, but not before leaving a cipher. A many-faceted answer leads a search across the Roman Empire for the sindon—the shroud of Jesus. Three years after Jesus’ resurrection, Justus, the Roman chief advocate and a code-breaker, teams […]

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Responding to an urgent request to help Jesus, a childhood friend, Justus (a gifted Roman advocate) boards a ship to Judea.  As the ship breaks up in a violent storm, Justus saves Michal (a Greek athlete) and their friendship begins.  Navigating from the wreckage to Jerusalem, they visit the tombs of Israel’s patriarchs and find […]

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Personal Mission Statement

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a book authored by Stephen Covey which I found to be a life changer. Habit 2 in the book is to create a personal mission statement. A personal mission statement is like “muscle memory” for the mind. A carefully thought out one keeps a person on track […]

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Cain did not Marry His Sister

  Consider Genesis 4:17. “And Cain’s wife became pregnant and bore Enoch; and Cain built a city, and named it after his son, Enoch.” (Amp Bible). This verse has been repeatedly used and abused. Many people use it to question the infallibility of the Bible.  In fact, some use it as a reason to not […]

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Consider “Time”

I challenge you to “Google” what “time” is.  You will find thousands of words, but no information.  The reason for this is no one knows what “time” really is.  We all live in it and experience it, but it remains a complete mystery. A prominent author recently defined time as “the measure of motion”.  It […]

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Larry Massa is a retired naval civil servant and retired instructor of mathematical statistics, who still consults for a major defense contractor. A long-time Christian leader and teacher, he has a gift for unraveling biblical complexities, and has written multiple articles of explanation and interpretation for difficult passages.