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revelations: Unraveling Biblical Mysteries

The Bible is the primary way God talks to us. It is usually easy to understand. However, there are several sections that are confusing, perplexing, and even appear contradictory … in short, are mysterious. Most notable are: Who Jesus is and how did He Look Why God Abandoned Jesus when Crucified The Four Gospel’s Contradictory […]

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Indwelt: Christian Maturity THROUGH the Holy Spirit

When we believe on Jesus, the Holy Spirit indwells us and we miraculously become new creatures. As such, we will be able to grow and do wonderous things through Him. With enlightening insight in his book Indwelt, Larry Massa explores the Holy Spirit’s involvement in mankind, from creation through eternity. Massa starts with the Holy […]

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Heal Divisions

  While earning my Batchelder’s degree in college, I was a double major; mathematics and psychology.  During one of my psychology classes, the professor discussed something that is relevant to this election year. He wanted to show us people have different ways of processing information.  It would have been a great course if he taught […]

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He Is Risen

I have had a number of people ask me to provide a simple narrative of what happened during the morning of Christ’s resurrection based on the Bible. Although it seems unnecessary since I wrote three Blogs in February 2018 explaining what transpired that morning (and they can still be read on this website), for sake […]

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Cancer Survivor?

Growing up as a kid, my body developed faster than my peers. Consequently, I could perform sports at a higher level than most; better at baseball, basketball, and track. As an eighth grader (1960) I was a track star (of course all that changed in high school when other kids’ development matched mine and exceeded […]

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About Larry Massa

Larry Massa is a retired naval civil servant and retired instructor of mathematical statistics, who still consults for a major defense contractor. A long-time Christian leader and teacher, he has a gift for unraveling biblical complexities, and has written multiple articles of explanation and interpretation for difficult passages.