Just One More Thing


I had an acquaintance that retired and bought a house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His friends were in Washington, DC, he had no family or neighbors, and because he retired, he had no work relationships.  He died in his sleep one night and wasn’t discovered for seven days.

With people living longer, there is a greater chance some will outlive their friends and family. They could become increasingly isolated with only a few people knowing of their existence. Even if they regularly attend a church, they may not see people in their congregation except once a week.

With social media and the ease of texting, I believe every church and/or individual should be involved in a new ministry. Find an acquaintance who you know is somewhat isolated and offer to text them, post something on social media, or call them at least once a day (maybe even more often). The idea is if they don’t respond in an agreed upon time, then contact a person provided who could quickly visit and check on them to see if there is an emergency.

Who knows … it could save a life.