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revelations: Unraveling Biblical Mysteries

The Bible is the primary way God talks to us. It is usually easy to understand. However, there are several sections that are confusing, perplexing, and even appear contradictory … in short, are mysterious. Most notable are: Who Jesus is and how did He Look Why God Abandoned Jesus when Crucified The Four Gospel’s Contradictory […]

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Indwelt: Christian Maturity THROUGH the Holy Spirit

When we believe on Jesus, the Holy Spirit indwells us and we miraculously become new creatures. As such, we will be able to grow and do wonderous things through Him. With enlightening insight in his book Indwelt, Larry Massa explores the Holy Spirit’s involvement in mankind, from creation through eternity. Massa starts with the Holy […]

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The Sindon: A Mystery of Christ’s Burial Linen

A kabbalist is entrusted with hiding the burial linen of Christ. Rather than reveal the location, he is killed, but not before leaving a cipher. A many-faceted answer leads a search across the Roman Empire for the sindon—the shroud of Jesus. Three years after Jesus’ resurrection, Justus, the Roman chief advocate and a code-breaker, teams […]

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Catacombs: A Mystery

Responding to an urgent request to help Jesus, a childhood friend, Justus (a gifted Roman advocate) boards a ship to Judea.  As the ship breaks up in a violent storm, Justus saves Michal (a Greek athlete) and their friendship begins.  Navigating from the wreckage to Jerusalem, they visit the tombs of Israel’s patriarchs and find […]

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Armageddon Now: Revelation Had Apostle John Written It Today

This is an easily understood explanation of the Biblical Book of Revelation.  The apocalyptic literature is replaced with events, places, and weapons of today in a clear, vibrant, and compelling text. Available: This book is out of print, but can be obtained from the author.  The cost is $2.00 + $2.00 shipping and handling.  Simply […]

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