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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a book authored by Stephen Covey which I found to be a life changer. Habit 2 in the book is to create a personal mission statement.

A personal mission statement is like “muscle memory” for the mind. A carefully thought out one keeps a person on track when making life-directing decisions in the midst of all kinds of circumstances and emotions affecting their daily lives.

It is essential for Christians (regardless of age) to develop their own personal social codes. Without a Christ-solid foundation, Satan will immerse us in all kinds of temptations and situations in which we will react without the proper faith needed.

There are no rules for a personal mission statement, but the following guidelines may help.

Start with your most basic beliefs. You must identify what the center of your life is for security, guidance, wisdom, and power.  Dig deep to understand basic paradigms … how you see the world.

Compare that “center of your life” with what the Bible teaches and consciously realign any areas needed so they are in harmony with Biblical principles.

State an effective, empowering way to use this refocused lens so your individual uniqueness can relate to the world. It should be unshakable, even in times of stress and changing circumstances.  This affirmation becomes your personal constitution … the solid expression of your vision and values.  In short, this statement of your mission becomes the criterion by which you measure everything in your life.

Granted, it takes deep introspection, careful analysis, and thoughtful expression (that could take months) in order to develop a concise expression of your innermost values. But the benefits will demonstrate the importance of the time invested.

Some will say their mission statement is in their mind; that they don’t need to write it down. Unfortunately, this is not an effective way to constantly revisit and make formal alterations with new insights and changing circumstances.  No … write it down.

I provide my personal mission statement as an example.  Even though I generated this over thirty years ago (and yes I periodically fine-tuned it), I still occasionally reread it.  It is my guiding principle for living.



Personal Mission Statement




  1. I have been created by God to do a large number of things in a way no other person can. (I am unique)
  2. I have been energized by the Holy Spirit to continually identify, perform, and complete acts needed for the good of myself, others, and organizations. (I am controlled)
  3. I have been empowered by God to understand righteousness and to do it. Thereby, creating good, changing bad to good, and preventing bad to overcome good in every situation He places me. (I am mature)


Mission Statement


I am to actively live a life of reliance on God, humble in spirit, deep in character, but bold in faith and action for creating good in everything my life touches. Consequently, I am to be a self-starting agent for positive change.

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